My first cake class - Oisín the owl


A few weeks ago while browsing the web I came across pictures of a fantastic owl cake. This lovely cake is the brainchild of Michelle Rea an Australian cake designer.

I couldn't believe my luck when I found out that Michelle was going to teach a class in Zürich. All

giddy with excitement I booked the course.


Last Friday the big day finally arrived. The class location was simply stunning, an old mill right beside a gargling river. Inside the 5 of us and our great teacher were hard at work. We started off by cutting two square chocolate cakes into 3 layers glueing them together with yummy chocolate ganache.


Looking at the chocolate block it was hard to imagine that this could turn into an owl.




But some hours later, thanks to Michelle's

patient advice and lots of gentle carving our chocolate blocks began to look like this:


As you can see it was quite a messy affair in my case. But a chocolate mess is probably the best mess one can make.

Owl group pic
Owl group pic




The day just flew by and we all ended up with a little owl or "owless" to take home.


Thanks a million Michelle for sharing your creative spirit with us. And a big thank you to Claudia for organising it all.

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    Michelle (Donnerstag, 04 Oktober 2012 15:45)

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of the owl in the forest!!!!!!!

  • #2 (Donnerstag, 04 Oktober 2012 15:58)

    Thanks a million ;-)