MACAtastrophe & Rewards


Macaroons are beautifully airy, fruity

weightless bites which just melt

in your mouth.


If you manage to scrape them off your baking sheet that is.


My first two batches didn't really want to work with me and looked nothing like

the ones you can buy in Sprüngli.

Attempt No 1 (in blue) ended up looking like something out of the ocean after a sea creature had sat on it.


Attempt No 2 (in peach) was progress to be fair, but they were so big that you wouldn't

have needed dinner after one. The two in the picture don't do them justice but there

were some scary ones. Proper macaroon sandwiches.


But good things come to those who wait so I decided to try again at the weekend. And to my great delight, the chocolate version seemed to work.



There is lots of information available on the internet when it comes to creating your own macaroons.


Some of it sounds quite straightforward like, "The step by step guide to making macaroons" other posts are a little more worrying "The trouble-shooting guide to macaroons" and others yet again are downright disheartening "Unforgivable mistakes when making macaroons" or "The horrors of creating your own macaroons". Oh my.


Well there you go. Why did they work this time? Actually I'm not 100% sure to be honest.

I think it helps if you:


- Take your time. Macaroons don't like to be rushed

- Be precise. It is important to weigh your egg whites. A big or small egg really can make all

  the difference

- Grind the almonds very finely and sieve out any of the large almond bits still remaining

- Let your macaroons rest for 20 Minutes before baking.

- Keep your fingers crossed.


It's all worth it, when you discover the little feet of your macaroons through the oven door.

I was actually hopping around the kitchen in delight, knocking the bowl with the filling over in the process but that's beside the point.


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