Savoury Sunday




When it's cold outside and there's still lots of snow covering everything, that's when it's time for something savoury. As much as I love making sweet treats, the savoury ones are just as yummy. Luckily when it comes to baking you can try your hands at both.


Our oven got first feed with a batch of ham and spinach muffins. I think they make a lovely lazy Sunday breakfast. Or you could also devour them for dinner, if you prefer. Go Popeye.







After that, it was time for a "man bread". One with beer.


You need:


- 330 ml Lager (beer)

- 20 g fresh yeast

- 3 tbsp of honey

- 500 g wheat flour

- 250 g rye flour

- 1 1/2 tbsp salt


1. Heat up your beer (lukewarm), flake in the yeast and add the honey.


2. In a large bowl mix your two flours with the salt.


3. Pour the beer mix and 175ml of water into your flour combination.


4. Knead well until you end up with a smooth dough. Cover the dough and let it rest in a

    warm place for 1 hour+.


Sit down with a cup of tea and a baking book and dream of future projects. Bliss.


5. Get up and fetch your bread.


6. Put some flour on your work surface and knead your dough through again. Shape your

    bread into a round loaf. Cut a circle on top approx. 3 cm from the edge (see picture above).


7. Let it rest again on the baking tray for another 30 minutes before putting it in the oven.


8. Baking: approx. 35 minutes at 200C



Give your bread plenty of time. The actual bread making doesn't take long at all. But there is a lot of resting time in between. My first bread didn't rise properly. It helps, if you put an ovenproof dish filled with some water under your bread when putting it in the oven, to motivate it to "grow on you". Beer bread no. 2 was then more than happy to rise.


Now we're off to the Italian speaking part for the day - Lugano - to look for spring :-)

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