Happy Paddy's Day











          How are ya? Yeah, I mean you







               Happy Paddy's day to you!



Two good friends of ours invited us for brunch at the weekend. There is nothing like a

extended breakfast on Sunday morning without the pressure of running out of the house

to get to work.


The couple both really like Ireland. Himself and I met through work in the West of Ireland.

I still remember how we got introduced to each other "Look he's from Switzerland too,

we think you should meet" :-)

So we did. And as we were the only two Swiss people in the company we just had to

stick together.








What do you put into a proper Irish cake?

Guinness and Baileys. One for the lads and

one for the ladies.


   Cake assembly

         Ground floor                               First floor                                Top floor

It's well known that sugar paste and cream do not get on at all.

I thought I could chance it, if I only applied some small pieces of

decoration. Surely that would be grand. Turns out it isn't. Not even the luck of the Irish is going to help you there.

The cake had spent the night on the balcony - that's one advantage

of the prolonged winter over here. You get a giant fridge outside your living room, which is just great when it comes to cake storage.

Anyway, I learned the hard way what cream does to your sugar paste. It eats it. 

The result was a cake rescue operation on Sunday morning at 7.30 am. Luckily Shaun the Sheep survived and got transferred onto the cake again in one piece. Phew.

Driving around with a cake is always a little unnerving. My Irish man had to listen to several "Careful, the cake" hints from the passenger seat, which he commented matter of factly "I'm sorry but I have to get around the bend".

I suppose that's fair enough. Bends just seem a lot sharper with a cake sitting in your lap, a brand new navigation device to figure out and then your cake starts leaking. It should have spent some time in the fridge to harden the "rescue jam" but there just wasn't time. Damn Swiss punctuality.

But we all got there in one piece in the end :-)






                                        Happy St. Patrick's Day everybody!

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    maria (Sonntag, 19 Mai 2013 21:50)

    ohhh regula!!!
    deine torte schaut ja wirklich zuckersüß aus!!!

    freut mich außerdem, dass meine hundekeksen deinen hunden so super geschmeckt haben!
    wenn meine rezepte sogar bei hunden gut ankommen, freue ich mich wirklich riesig ;)

    hoffentlich bis bald mal wieder!