Biting off more (cake) than I can chew?

There are two special occasions at work this week which call for cake. Friday isn't the best deadline though. Sunday or Monday are good as Saturday means time off. Well nobody said that I had to make two cakes at the same time. Nobody knows in fact so that's an advantage if things go wrong. 


My Bake Off didn't start very well. Firstly I confused myself with conversions from Australian to European measurements and from square cakes to round cakes. In the end I just decided that it would be grand. Big mistake. Baking is painfully scientific. If you are precise, it works with you. The decorating part is more forgiving. Creativity is generally good there. But creative conversions are not.


So there I was with my huge square cake tin and and an even bigger amount of cake mix. Ah well, let's fill it in, it will be fine. Oh hang on no, not really. That calls for a second tin which should be right here.. or over there..? or in the "cake furniture" in the other room..?


While lifting up the big cake tin, I discovered that a bargain isn't really what you want when it comes to baking equipment. The tin was brand new but very cheap and it leaked. The cake mix was coming at me at full speed. Okay right. A fast spin on the heel and quickly grabbing the next possible bowl - phew, disaster averted. 


To top things off I wasn't patient enough to wait before turning the cake out. The result was the Great Cake Canyon. Oh my.

So back to square one. One day behind schedule after day two. A fully packed working week ahead, which means only time for cakes in the evening.

But it's not all bad. The cakes can be frozen and turned into cake pops. Our apartment smells like a tiny chocolate factory and we finally got the barbecue set up, which is always a highlight.


Everything going well there should be a "travel cake" and a "medical cake" come Friday.

Turns out the cookie cutter for the TV tower in Berlin (Alexander Turm) can also be used as

a needle. Not sure if that's visible but that was the idea anyway :-)

My cake stuff is currently taking up our big table in the small living room. My Irish man stopped in his tracks on the way to the kitchen and looked at me for a while before remarking: This is turning into the female version of a garage. He is right :-)

So my garage will remain open. I hope there will be 2 cakes come Friday and if not, hell

I will have had a lot of fun trying :-)




               The Garage...











                            .. with a view :-)

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