London calling

Exactly one month from today I will be sitting on a plane to London. Holidays here we come. Some of my time in England will be spent in the British capital before hopping on a train to do some more exploring and attend a great class further north.
England is a cake maker's heaven. Baking tins in all shapes and sizes, countless cake decorating tools, colourful books and magazines on the subject - you name it, they have it. One is just spoilt for choice over there.
So there is need for some advice on choosing the important places to see. A few weeks ago I discovered a sweet book while browsing the Internet.

Great Cake Places London 2012 is full of excellent advice on cakey places. All the big must sees are mentioned like Peggy Porschen, The Hummingbird Bakery or Ladurée Harrods. On top of that it also recommends some less well known places which are well worth a visit. Every venue in the book has been visited and rated by the team. There is also a recipe section and a glossary at the end.

I already have too many must see pages marked. Maybe I should move to London for a month or so. Must mention this to my boss..



What else do we need? Some help when it comes to book shopping. A book on books:

Book Lovers' London was published by Metro Guides. It's divided into sections on area maps, new bookshops, second hand & antiquarian bookshops, libraries, museums and galleries and places of literary interest. It has also got an appendix, which covers useful websites and festivals, plus an index section. Quite a lot for a small book. Watch out bookshops here I come. I already feel sorry for my suitcase.


Last but not least we need to get around.

The Oyster card is easy to use. You can put credit on and use it as a travel card on the Tube as well as on buses and trams. Apparently it makes you look like a Londoner. Not quite sure about that but we shall see. I'm a huge fan of cities with a metro system. It makes getting around so much easier. If you get lost, you just walk to the nearest Tube station and figure out where to go from there. Let's face it this could easily happen. After all London is an enormous city with a population bigger than the one of my entire home country. That's hard to get your head around.
Another city which has got a great U-Bahn system is one of my all time favourites - beloved Berlin. I love combining the different options hopping from the blue U7 line onto the purple U6.
I've got a pretty good sense of direction. When you put me somewhere I can usually easily enough make my way home. Like a dog or a horse. I'm bad when it comes to map reading though. Very bad indeed. But I seem to have a strange instinct hidden somewhere which could be described as "foreign girl in big city luck". I stumble upon places even if I have no idea which direction I'm walking in. This has happened in Berlin, Barcelona or Paris for example.
After a Ryanair flight from Dublin to the French capital, or rather somewhere close-ish to Paris, I set off to meet my Parisian friend. In the middle of the night. Without a proper map. Just taking a left and then a right - and eventually bumping into my friend. The following day when we stood on top of the Eiffel Tower I felt a little nauseous looking at the huge city at our feet. Boy, that could have gone wrong. Not all cities in the world are as tiny as Lucerne or Galway, eejet..
So June will be full of travelling, conquering foreign bookstores and baking related action. What more could a girl ask for :-)

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