Cake paradise - London



I'm a happy camper who is having the best time in London.


My days here are spent wandering around one area at a time on foot, before hopping on my beloved Tube and zipping off to the next one. Admittedly my itinerary so far has been heavily "cake based", but there are just so many divine bakeries on my wish list. I get very excited when I recognise one of my favourites while skipping around a corner.


Good thing I discovered Kensington Gardens for my morning run, otherwise you might

have to roll me home. But maybe I'll just change it to "a cake a day keeps the doctor away"

while on holidays.


Tomorrow I'm going to meet a good friend for some proper sightseeing. I had good, non-cake-related-intentions today though to be fair, and was well on the way to visit the unique British Museum. But then the clouds cleared and I just couldn't bring myself to miss the first brilliant sunshine in so long, and opted for lunch in the park instead.

                                                     Outdoor lunch in Bloomsbury






Stumbling upon Hugh Grant's bookshop out of Notting Hill while on the way to another bookshop was a nice surprise. I never knew until I spotted the sign.

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