London Style


One thing I was very impressed by was London's kindness. There were plenty of nice chance encounters and lovely chats, while skipping about its streets. People are very friendly here. I know I was never pushed for time and this is a blurry vision through tourist goggles but I'm sticking to it, Londoners are nice people with good manners. This applies to waiters, shop assistants, airport & tube employees, restaurant staff and the many people out and about alike.


When approaching a till in Lakeland (a great port of call for all kitchen equipment) the sales

guy gave me a broad smile, while fishing out a bag from under the counter, remarking "I think this calls for the supersize bag", which made us both laugh. The conversation proceeded from that to Switzerland and Swiss baking to favourite spots in London.


The supersized bag proved to be responsible for another natter outside. "Oh, are they open?" following the girls gaze I realised that her eyes were fixed on my shopping. "Yes, they are just around the corner from here". "Cool, thank you" and then thoughtfully "that was a random remark from a random stranger, sorry". Me: "Oh no you're grand, that's nice". And then we proceeded to look through my purchases.




There was even a chat with London itself ;-)

(Pictures taken at the South Bank Festival of Neighbourhood a chance encounter on a Sunday 

 afternoon stroll)

And last but not least, thanks a million to my kind friends Colin & Rachid, the great London guides. I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend we spent together. The custom-made bakeries tour, the lively markets, the long walks and the many tips you gave me. Thank you both so much. I hope you're having a great holiday across the pond.

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