Peggy Porschen's Parlour






It was very exciting to be able to visit places, I only knew from the ever growing collection on my baking shelf. Sometimes the excitement can even prove a little too much, when upon spotting a place I started skipping towards it, while broadly grinning like a mad woman. The result of such behaviour was a friendly "You have a good day, love" from a passer-by



For my last birthday I got a very special present: A book from Peggy Porschen. And here's what her place in Belgravia in London looks like:

                                                                                                            Next stop

                                                                                                            Peggy Porschen's :-)



Cool, isn't it?


Peggy Porschen's Parlour is very cosy inside, filled with tasty treats and bustling with customers. There were girls having a chat while taking a big bite out of a cupcake and sipping tea, as well as customers queuing up for cake to take away with them. Some of them were big lads proudly swinging their pink bags about when leaving the shop. It's what's inside that counts

after all.


The staff are very friendly and happy to help with any questions, if you need some assistance in choosing one of the many delicious flavours on offer.

The Strawberry and Champagne version sounded very tempting but in the end

I went for a White Chocolate and Passionfruit cupcake. It was seriously yummy

and my favourite London cupcake.

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