Happy 722nd birthday to..

... you Switzerland!
Ever since moving back home we started a new tradition of "climbing" up Mount Titlis to watch the sunrise at an altitude of 3'238m on Swiss National Day, the 1st of August.
This means an early start, rise and shine at 3am, to hit the road to the village of Engelberg.
Sunrises are a rare sight where we live. There are just too many peaks in the way to catch them regularly. There are 48! mountains with a hight of 4'000m+ poking up from tiny Switzerland, a country roughly the same size as Wales or West Virginia.



Upon arriving in Engelberg it's time to board 3 different kinds of mountain cable cars, which bring you safely up to the very top. As it's still pitch black outside it's like floating through the air.



                                                         Mountain transport






Upon reaching the very top you're rewarded with a breathtaking view, peaking with the new day coming up from behind the mountains.

          Mount Titlis standing tall at 3020 metres = 10'000 feet above sea level

All that beauty makes you very hungry. Not a problem as there was a delicious breakfast buffet waiting, including home made bread, alpine cheese, fresh fruit, a great selection of cold meat, even some salmon and a separate dessert selection was on offer.


Once fed, it was time for a dare devil activity on top of the mountain - The Cliff Walk - across the brand new glacier suspension bridge dangling about, at 10'000 feet.

This nerve-testing stroll across the bridge is free of charge.

(Open daily, weather conditions permitting)


Turns out a Swiss girl has better nerves when it comes to those kind of acitivies, which is only natural I suppose. But to be fair, the Irish man bravely walked across as well with a look of stern concentration on his face.




After a round of swimming in the local lake the long day finished off with a more relaxing activity,

a sizzling BBQ while watching an impressive burst of fireworks from the balcony.


What a day, 22 hours packed with extremes, starting with stomping across the snow and finishing with some brilliant sunshine at 32 degrees. Happy Birthday Switzerland!


                                Mount Pilatus

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