Cupcaking at the Primrose Bakery in London






The enchanting Primrose Bakery has got two shops in London. On a fine spring morning in June, I set off to try the brekkie at the one in Primrose Hill. Their Granola recipe had already been tried and tested at home, and I was excited to taste the original.


Having a yummy breakfast gazing out the window at the sunny day waking up outside, while being surrounded by colourful cupcakes and delicious baking aromas, is highly recommended.

The yummy Granola recipe can be found here




                                                                         Next stop

                                                                         Primrose Bakery :-)

Afterwards I strolled up Primrose Hill, where a stunning view over London awaited me.


Regent's Park was full of dog walkers, mums pushing prams along and some dedicated runners tackling the hill time and again. Feeling lazy but happy I only opted to gaze at the view and everyone who happened to hop through it.


The Primrose Bakery also offers cupcake classes, which are run at their second shop in Convent Garden. As luck would have it, one class corresponded with my London visit. They even close the bakery to accommodate hopeful cupcake aspirants in the actual shop, which is great. The class was full, so there were 12 of us, 11 ladies and one brave (or rather very much loved up :-) gentleman snuggled into the cosy bakery, ready for the perfect Sunday afternoon activity.



Firstly we got introduced to the secret of making the perfect buttercream. After having looked over the shoulder of our talented teacher Lisa, we got our hands on our own cupcakes. Turns out that perfect swirl with the help of only a palette knife is not an easy thing to master, but according to the incredibly patient Lisa, it even takes experienced head chefs a while to get their knives around. After some swirling we got piping. We learned how to make our own piping bags, fill them properly and finally got creative on our own cakes.


It was a highly enjoyable Sunday afternoon, with not only all the decorated cupcakes but plenty of useful tips to take home. We even got a voucher for a cupcake, which I used for a yummy Earl Grey one to bite into on the way back to hotel. The Salted Caramel Cupcake wasn't on offer that day but I hear it's a winner. Always good to have a reason to come back. 




The class timetable can be found here:

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    Steffi Schallberger (Samstag, 17 August 2013 23:58)

    Primrose klingt gut - so heisst ja klein Rösi mit vollem Namen...
    Das nächste Mal musst Du sie dorthin mitnehmen! ;-)

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    Regula Schallberger (Mittwoch, 28 August 2013 15:40)

    Das machen wir doch glatt :-)