The Great British Bake Off - Episode 3 "Desserts"

Week 3 was all about desserts: From various kinds of trifle to floating islands in the technical challenge to light and airy macaroons - it was all in the oven in the Bake Off tent. The yummy recipes can be found here.


I have mixed feelings when it comes to macaroons. Our relationship has been a rocky one so far. I'm always delighted when they work out and I love taking postion in front of the oven, waiting hopefully for the little feet to appear like here. They were also meant to go on the Sweet Table for our summer event at work last week, but it turned out they didn't want to. Macaroons don't like to be rushed. In my case it's best to make them when I have plenty of time and can focus solely on the little treats. They like to be the centre of attention.


Since giving them a go for the first time I have read a lot on how to master those tricky treats. And now

I am more confused than ever. Most sources recommend to let them rest so they can build a skin before going into the oven. The actual resting time varies but waiting seemed a given. While having a great time in the baking section of our bookshop in town last Friday, I came across a lovely little French book on macaroons. Now I thought, with the help of the French I will get to the bottom of you lads. At home I carefully studied the extensive information and discovered, that this clearly talented lady had decided that it wasn't necessary at all to wait before putting them in the oven... Great.. Rest vs. no rest. Separating eggs days before you need them vs. just separate them and chuck them right in. Weighing egg whites down to 1 gram vs just. pop in 2 egg whites...


I'm officially more clueless than ever. What now? Make a cup of tea. Think. Decision that thinking is always good, while over-thinking is not. So I decided to stick with letting them rest and weighing the egg whites like my Swiss brain tells me to, and then let's use the Irish approach and go with flow. And here is the outcome:

I made an Orange and Plum Cake and some Mini 3 A "Guggelhöpfli" with Apple, Almonds and Amaretto instead :-)



Until we meet again macaroons.



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