The Great British Bake Off - Episode 4 - Pies & Tarts

My little Bake Off Activities at home help shorten the wait from one episode to the next one. Some weeks even fly past and suddenly it's high time to get a bake in. I'm always glad to be at home though as my skills wouldn't be up to scratch for the show. Pie week was a good week. The custard tarts sounded very tempting but it was a savoury pie, which made it into our oven this week. Kimberley, who has been very successful in the Bake Off tent from the very beginning, made a great "Chicken, bacon and butternut squash pie", which looked very tasty on the screen.


So that meant giving filo pastry a go. It's quite labour-intensive and buying it in the shop makes a lot of sense. And that's what I'll be doing next time.


But it was fun giving it a go, even if half the Sunday was taken up with pie making. There is lots of pulling and tearing to thin out the pastry. I had my doubts, whether I was doing the right thing, but with beginner's luck it worked out somehow. The recipe can be found here. I reduced the amount of butter for sticking the dough together. There is no savarin mould in the house so the pie went into a round cake tin instead. It was then turned over and I brushed some egg wash onto it and left it in the ring to bake.


This pie is a really hearty affair. A proper lads pie. Even without the chicken skin and the pork scratchings, which are a little hard to come by over here. It has got a lovely curry flavour to it and it's full to burst with filling. Along with some home made soup, it should keep us going for some quick after-work dinners this week.

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