Cakes for little people

My very first cake went into the oven about a year ago. It was a chocolate cake with a blue car on top to celebrate the very first birthday of my best friend's little guy. With the arrival of more & more little people among my friends, the time had come to admit that it wasn't gonna happen with the knitting. I loved the idea of creating hand made, customized baby clothes for the proud new parents. Trouble is, I'm bad at handicrafts.


So it turned out to be cakes instead. Since then it has been hard to stop. When I look through the pictures there have been lots of cakes for small people.




Sometimes I dream of making an elegant wedding cake in soft pastel colours. But there haven't been any weddings among my friends in the last 12 months. I just missed out on a few but sugar paste and messing up the kitchen weren't part of my spare time back then. And cakes for kids are close to my heart as I can be a big child myself sometimes.



This week I made two cakes for little people. I was delighted when a colleague at work asked, if I would make a cake for her son's 2nd birthday. My first "order" so to speak. Very exciting. When she saw the picture of the dog for the opening of my sister's pet shop, she decided that would be the one for her son's special day. Happy birthday Andrin!

                                                          Doggy brothers




The second cake was a surprise cake for my cousin, the proud mother of a beautiful baby girl.

All the best for the brand new family and the wee lady.

Making sugary baby shoes and cakes to celebrate new arrivals in general is one of my


Baking cakes for kids is very satisfying. The big eyes, the way their little hands want to explore what's in front of them (and the way their mothers try to stop that at the same time :-) The proud look on their faces when they exclaim to their friends and siblings "No that's all mine, you can't have any".


And when they finally tuck in together tearing at a road made of sugar paste while defending the car from the best friend who wanted to put it away quietly. It's never too sweet or too much, they need more - Your birthday only comes around once a year after all.

                                               "More cake over here, please"                    



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