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South Tyrol and beyond - Mai 2013




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Deutschland, Stuttgart - April 2013




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Schweiz, Lugano - März 2013



Sonnenanbeter - weiterlesen


Auf der Suche nach dem Frühling -

eine Reise nach Lugano.


Sweet tour around Ireland - December 2012






Griffin's Bakery is a great place for all things sweet. Family run and still going strong ever since 1876! If you need a break, get cosy upstairs in their lovely café.


Galway itself is always worth a visit and probably the best town in Ireland :-)

But I'm not exactly what you'd call neutral on the matter, having lived there for

6 years.



Decobake is a new baking supplies shop full of cake tins, cookie cutters, sugarpaste and plenty of other baking and cake decorating related items. I was skipping around the shop in Athlone but they also run businesses in Dublin and Clane.

Moycullen (County Galway)


Located right next door to the famous White Gables Restaurant (closed until February 2013) is the café and sweet shop with the same name. We tried the lovely chocolate, vanilla and blueberry cupcakes, which are best enjoyed with a steaming hot mug of tea.

Spain, Barcelona - October 2012


Breathtaking Barcelona -

"Don’t worry, my client isn’t in a hurry" (Antoni Gaudi on La Sagrada Familia)


Just got back from a fabulous time in Barcelona. Our ladies' trip was a huge success. So much so, that it will have to be repeated next year. Helsinki and Lisbon being the main contenders for 2013. Travelling is just great. It was also great to catch up with my old Ireland friends. But first things first.


Barcelona is.. brightly coloured markets, snug cafes, fantastic architecture, two languages and to top it all off, access to the sea - it nearly seems unfair that one city should have it all. Since I got into baking a few months back, my shopping interests have also changed. Bakeries and baking suppliers are now very high up on the list. Bookshops have always been on there but scrutinising the baking book section is a new development.

Unfortunately I'm unable to report on the "Fabulous Baking Company". Turns out it's not that fabulous anymore, but closed. Never mind, there is plenty of other pastry related action in town. I was very impressed with the selection of baking supplies in department stores. There was a wide array of baking tins, cake decorating supplies and even some Wilton products. I also found the marshmallow fluff, which I couldn't get my hands on back home. Whoppie pies here I come.


Our first evening was spent at "La Rita's". Because we arrived early, around 8pm, we were fortunate enough to get a table. The whole evening we kept observing patient dinners, who didn't mind the wait outside, until a table freed up in the restaurant. At one point there was a group of 17 people, who snaked through the restaurant and were led to some secret place at the back. The meal was just divine. We had all ordered different starters, which were passed around under a muttering of "Oh's & Ah's" and "yummy, try that".


One special place to visit is the "Escribà". Antoni Escribà sadly died a few years ago but his son now carries on the family tradition (since 1906).

Escribà senior, who wanted to become an artist, instead dedicated his life to creating some wonderful chocolate art.




Another lovely cafe we came across by chance is "The Pudding".


As we called in for breakfast we didn't try the cake selection. But if it tastes as good as it looks.. Also a good tip for travellers with children, as it has a huge colourful play area. We ladies still took a good look at it, even though my friend's daughter, who is also my goddaughter and her little brother were at home with their dad. The furniture is so comfy that no one will want to leave in a hurry.

Barcelona is full of lovely bakeries, which offer lots of yummy treats for very little money. Here is a small selection of what you can find to keep your sweet tooth happy.

Dulce Barcelona

Another thing not to be missed are the amazing markets. I think I would spend most of my Saturdays there if I lived in Barcelona.

Colourful little spice hills, juicy fruit and fresh juice everywhere, meat in all shapes and sizes and tempting smells from all the busy chefs, who are making sure that nobody has to leave hungry.

Mercat de la Boqueria

With a full stomach, it was time to gaze at some of Gaudi's fantastic architecture. I immediately fell for "CASA BATLLÓ" spending hours wandering around its marine inspired insides, following the soft curves and bold colours, up the stairs and up again. The more stairs you climb, the more tapas you'll want to eat. When we weren't eating we also got some shopping done. It was a ladies' trip after all.

Thank you ladies for a fantastic trip. Thank you Barcelona for being such a great host. I'll definitely be back. And I'll take up those Spanish lessons again. Prometido.

Schweiz, Zürich - September 2012 


Süsse Zürcher


Ein Nachmittag in Zürich wäre nicht komplett ohne einen Besuch bei der Confiserie Sprüngli, um die Luxemburgerli zu bewundern.


Luxemburgerli, Macaroons oder Makrönchen gibt es überall auf der Welt zu vernaschen. Sie werden in unzähligen Farben und vielen köstlichen Geschmacksrichtungen hergestellt.


Für ein echtes Luxemburgerli braucht man zwei Teigschalen aus Mandelmehl, Eiweiss und Zucker. Dazwischen wird eine Lage Ganache oder Buttercreme gespritzt. Die luftigen Köstlichkeiten haben einen Durchmesser von ca. 2,5 cm und sind somit die kleinsten in der Macaroon-Familie.


Mein kleiner Einkauf bestand aus vier Luxemburgerli zum Probieren. Hiervon existiert leider kein Bild da sie nicht lange genug überlebten... Ausserdem habe ich noch eine grössere Schachtel mit acht Stück erstanden - zum Weiterverschenken.


Was mir besonders gut gefiel - egal ob Grosseinkauf oder nur ein einzelnes Luxemburgerli - alles ist problemlos zu haben.

Vor mir warteten eine Mutter mit ihrem Sohn. Nach kurzer Beratung, die bunte Auslage stets fest im Blick, entschieden sich die zwei für ein Zitronen- und ein Schoggiexemplar. Die nette Verkäuferin hat dem kleinen Jungen gleich noch ein drittes angeboten, welches er sich mit leuchtenden Augen direkt in den Mund steckte.




Beim Herumschlendern bin ich dann zufällig über einen kleinen, farbenfrohen Laden gestolpert.


Nach kurzem Aufstieg ins Dachgeschoss stand ich mit leuchtenden Augen vor dieser Auslage:




Aufgrund des bevorstehenden Umzugs in grössere Räumlichkeiten, waren viele dieser Schätze zum Spezialpreis zu haben.


Die blauumrahmte Kuchenform samt Deckel hat nun ein neues Zuhause...